Champagne - IndieLondon

Quirky South Coast singer Ben Dalby follows up his acclaimed Doctor Can with the equally kooky Champagne… a song that talks of saving the pennies while spending the pounds and drinking bubbly with the likes of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. In the past, Ben’s style has been described to Nick Drake, Lou Reed and Gary Numan… but while I couldn’t necessarily hear that in this record, the reputation he has built for finely honed melodies and an endearing vocal style are present. The song is quirky, but inter-mingles some fine piano chords, a keen sense of harmonising and a sharp guitar riff throughout proceedings to just about win you over by the time it reaches it grand finale. Dalby has been tipped as a potential breakout star of 2010 and Champagne is another track that looks set to help get him there.

IndieLondon (Sep 06, 2010)