Champagne - Red Hot Velvet

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Modern Romance At Its Best LOCATION: London and South East LINE UP: Ben Dalby (vocals) WHAT'S THE STORY?: If Ben Dalby’s first single doesn’t make you want to pretend to be James Dean or Marilyn Monroe (depending on your preference) then you’re not listening to it right. The simple, beautiful sentiment of the lyrics and the enchanting jazz piano will make you believe in love again. SOUNDS LIKE: A love story wherein Romeo and Juliet don’t have the financial, or moral, freedom to elope during the night but are still pretty bloody crazy about each other. YOU'LL LIKE THIS IF: You like emotion without cheese, imagination without saccharine sentiment, and elegance without pretension.

Ruth Franciszka Wallbank, Red Hot Velvet (Sep 09, 2010)