Tin Man - Rising Artists 

For a song titled, “Tin Man,” Ben Dalby’s new original single sure has a lot of heart. His is a protest song for the modern day, an outright assault on jadedness, isolation, and self-domestication. With the self-depricating introspection of John Lennon’s “Nowhere Man” and the upbeat energy of a pop-rock ballad, Dalby confesses his own struggle with a diminishing spirit while urging us all to grow more connected with the world, rather than merely shrinking it. ... his song offers both hope and redemption. Granted, Dalby’s protagonist doesn’t always win this battle. Despite every self-revelation and attempt at engaging with the outside world, he occasionally reverts to an insistence on control and safety. Yet the real source of promise is found in the upbeat music, which ebbs and flows in a reminder that such a journey is a constant process full of missteps and relapses. Mistakes don’t mean that, in Dalby’s words, we shouldn’t try to “Get up!”

Jacob Jahiel, Rising Artists (Aug 11, 2021)

Tin Man - Indie Music Blog 

'Tin Man' is the name of a new single by English artist Ben Dalby. This is a cheerful song about the versatility of life that not everyone wants to see in their own cage, where home and work are all they have. The song 'Tin Man' sounds with colorful merry rhythms inspired by the 80's era. Britpop style sounds are also felt in guitars and soft vocals. Ben sings playfully and sadly, surprised and happy. The musical animation 'Tin Man' unfolds the story of a man who is locked in his box and sees no way out into real life. Kaleidoscopic change of application images tells us about the grayness of his life. And so he breaks out of the vicious circle and runs into the space of freedom and adventure. He discovers a new world full of events and feelings. The song beautifully illustrates the lives of many desperate people in this life and gives inspiration and hope for radical change. Watch the music video 'Tin Man' below on YouTube and discover something new and uncharted as Ben Dalby did.

Vitalii, Indie Music Blog (Aug 04, 2021)

Tin Man - Zippy Frames 

Tin Man gets us from the grey, square room to a kaleidoscope of forms, plants and water, and even the space itself. It is grounded on reality and its photographed face profiles, but it plays cunningly with the possibilities of the cut-out elements. With a song beat that almost leads you to get up and move, and lyrics that remind of familiar insecurities, Tin Man is a small anthem to let yourself and enjoy what comes along in the process -in a vibrant form.

Vassilis Kroustallis, Zippy Frames (Jul 30, 2021)

Tact - Get Ready to ROCK! 

‘Tact’ is the latest single from Ben Dalby who has been gaining radio play steadily over the last couple of years. His style is described as eclectic which is fair as this latest release combines a bit of jangly indie rock with a ska horn section which come together to create a unique, happy sounding track which should ensure further airplay. One for the summer if we ever get any sun !

David Wilson, Get Ready to ROCK! (Jun 30, 2012)

Tact - Rhythm & Booze 

Tact ... is actually a gloriously frantic slab of horn assisted ska-tinged, indie-pop, delivered with a dose of biting attitude and a hook that nags for repeat spins. The urgency of Ben’s vocal and the bouncy horn and guitar interplay are just perfect for those hazy summer days and hedonistic nights and could well score Ben Dalby something of a festival anthem, whilst the driving rhythm is perfect for those “crank it up loud” in the car moments.

William Munn, Rhythm & Booze (May 22, 2012)

Champagne - Entertainment Focus 

Having taken the charts by storm last year with his single Doctor Can, Ben Dalby returns with his fourth single to date titled Champagne. Quirky pop is what Ben does best and this song is yet another great example of his pop sensibilities. There's something very Suede-like about this song. The tempo, the style seems to evoke memories of Brett Anderson &Co. Its a real catchy piece once more with some great slightly off kilter piano underpinning the melody and also creating some slight tension. Its a real happy tune with a cheery singalong chorus much like Doctor Can though the songs are certainly quite varied. Dalby shows us once more that he's a talent to watch this year as he reels the listener in with these hooks and also knows how to mix things up. We predict a very bright future for Mr. Dalby and hope to hear more of him. Not bad for an unsigned artist. Check him out. You won't be disappointed.

Justin, Entertainment Focus (Sep 13, 2010)

Champagne - Red Hot Velvet 

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Modern Romance At Its Best LOCATION: London and South East LINE UP: Ben Dalby (vocals) WHAT'S THE STORY?: If Ben Dalby’s first single doesn’t make you want to pretend to be James Dean or Marilyn Monroe (depending on your preference) then you’re not listening to it right. The simple, beautiful sentiment of the lyrics and the enchanting jazz piano will make you believe in love again. SOUNDS LIKE: A love story wherein Romeo and Juliet don’t have the financial, or moral, freedom to elope during the night but are still pretty bloody crazy about each other. YOU'LL LIKE THIS IF: You like emotion without cheese, imagination without saccharine sentiment, and elegance without pretension.

Ruth Franciszka Wallbank, Red Hot Velvet (Sep 09, 2010)

Champagne - IndieLondon 

Quirky South Coast singer Ben Dalby follows up his acclaimed Doctor Can with the equally kooky Champagne… a song that talks of saving the pennies while spending the pounds and drinking bubbly with the likes of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. In the past, Ben’s style has been described to Nick Drake, Lou Reed and Gary Numan… but while I couldn’t necessarily hear that in this record, the reputation he has built for finely honed melodies and an endearing vocal style are present. The song is quirky, but inter-mingles some fine piano chords, a keen sense of harmonising and a sharp guitar riff throughout proceedings to just about win you over by the time it reaches it grand finale. Dalby has been tipped as a potential breakout star of 2010 and Champagne is another track that looks set to help get him there.

IndieLondon (Sep 06, 2010)

Champagne - Music 

Ben Dalby’s fourth single is a marked change from his Doctor Can single which wouldn’t have been out of place on the Ashes to Ashes soundtrack. Champagne is an apt title for a song that still has an echo that wretched decade. Ostensibly there’s a laid back Sunday afternoon lets lounge about feel to it. However, it's deeper than that, and there’s a fair amount going on. A few close listens reveal a darker edge, Floydian touches here and there, along with some sterling guitar work. It’s an intriguing song from an interesting artist, and hopefully there’s more to come.

Paul Chapinal, Music (Aug 22, 2010)

Champagne - Gutter Magazine 

Champagne opens with a radio-friendly piano riff before going into a broodier, tension building pre-chorus. While the vocal styling is reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian at their all-conquering indie best, the track has an upbeat summery vibe, with the refrain ‘Just for tonight/I’m James Dean/You’re Marilyn Monroe/Let’s go drink champagne’. Perfect words to hear while you’re getting ready to go out on a fine summer's evening. The track rounds off with a guitar solo that recalls 80’s glam rock minus chest-beating pomp, but with the giddy expressionism of feeling fine and mighty. All in all, ‘Champagne’ is the sort of instant classic track ready to be adopted by a summer festival crowd amid much synchronised clapping and bodies-on-shoulders.

Raymond Liu, Gutter Magazine (Jul 26, 2010)