Champagne - Gutter Magazine

Champagne opens with a radio-friendly piano riff before going into a broodier, tension building pre-chorus. While the vocal styling is reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian at their all-conquering indie best, the track has an upbeat summery vibe, with the refrain ‘Just for tonight/I’m James Dean/You’re Marilyn Monroe/Let’s go drink champagne’. Perfect words to hear while you’re getting ready to go out on a fine summer's evening. The track rounds off with a guitar solo that recalls 80’s glam rock minus chest-beating pomp, but with the giddy expressionism of feeling fine and mighty. All in all, ‘Champagne’ is the sort of instant classic track ready to be adopted by a summer festival crowd amid much synchronised clapping and bodies-on-shoulders.

Raymond Liu, Gutter Magazine (Jul 26, 2010)