Tin Man - Indie Music Blog

'Tin Man' is the name of a new single by English artist Ben Dalby. This is a cheerful song about the versatility of life that not everyone wants to see in their own cage, where home and work are all they have. The song 'Tin Man' sounds with colorful merry rhythms inspired by the 80's era. Britpop style sounds are also felt in guitars and soft vocals. Ben sings playfully and sadly, surprised and happy. The musical animation 'Tin Man' unfolds the story of a man who is locked in his box and sees no way out into real life. Kaleidoscopic change of application images tells us about the grayness of his life. And so he breaks out of the vicious circle and runs into the space of freedom and adventure. He discovers a new world full of events and feelings. The song beautifully illustrates the lives of many desperate people in this life and gives inspiration and hope for radical change. Watch the music video 'Tin Man' below on YouTube and discover something new and uncharted as Ben Dalby did.

Vitalii, Indie Music Blog (Aug 04, 2021)