Season of the Knife - Kimu

Setting the tone with four bold, minor key band crashes followed by intricate and enigmatic bass and a cosmic frequency, Ben Dalby opens his single, Season of the Knife with situational lyrics, “The shelves are empty, the gold is spent, the borders are closed, but the guards are bent…” 

The song expands with poetic nuance to encapsulate societal hypocrisies, elements of the human condition, existential questions and apocalyptic scenarios fused with Ben’s emotive performance and classic rock energy.

The composition has a rolling feel, taking us on an emotional journey with a similar in energy to tracks like House of the Rising Sun, although it is clear that Ben is creating a universe of his own. Fans of David Bowie will also definitely be able to connect with Season of the Knife. (Full review here)

Kimu, Karli Is My Uncle (June 10, 2022)