Season of the Knife - Sinusoidal Music

UK Alternative indie rock musician and video producer Ben Dalby from Southampton has released a song in the truest British tradition of capturing socio-political anxiety in rock music like the Clash. Along with the usual pubs and clubs, Dalby has also played at protests and with popular British pop rock duo Magic Numbers. Dalby’s music is influenced by artists such as Kate Bush, Prince, Talking Heads, Jeff Beck, and Pink Floyd. In Season of the Knife, you have the deep lyricism of Bob Dylan combined with a sound inspired by the Animals. 

The track begins with a pulsating bass line over Dalby’s vocals. We then hear clean guitars coming in as the rest of the arrangement comes in. Dalby’s pointed voice is the anchor around which the song revolves. The vocal harmony in the chorus with guitar phrases adorning the parts raise the spirit of the song. The song ends with a guitar solo over the chorus and drums catching pace while ending with a quieter clean guitar riff. 

Dalby sings about public spending cuts, gas prices rising, higher taxes, and tanks rolling providing socio-political commentary along the anxiousness surrounding these. The song is about encapsulating the feel of the year 2022 where the recognizable aspects of the world are changing. The single artwork by London tattoo artist Kolahari captures this essence appropriately. Season of the Knife is an acerbic rock song with a strong social critique. Roger Waters would be proud.

Rubin Mathias, Sinusoidal Music (June 10, 2022)